Logo Mats

Logo Mats Which Exemplify Your Business

Our personalised logo mats go beyond simply trapping moisture and cleaning visitors’ shoes: they embody the brand and identity of your business, and instill the virtues of that brand in customers the instant they walk through your door.

As the only in-house logo mat manufacturer in Australia, we have the flexibility and experience to deliver bespoke designs tailored to your needs, and at an affordable cost.

Our free beginner’s guide to the perfect logo mat offers you advice on materials, size, designs, and everything else to consider when selecting your ideal product. Download it now to get started!  

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A striking image for all visitors

Your printed mat has two primary goals:

  1. To leave a positive impression on any visitors to your building
  2. To trap moisture and dirt from your visitors’ shoes

Matting Industries has built up decades of experience as Australia’s only in-house logo mat manufacturer. Our talented team can put any logo, design, or coloured pattern onto our mats, and the result is guaranteed to impress.

Not only that, but owning all of our machinery and processes means we can reduce costs compared to our competitors, and pass those savings straight to you. Our customers get the most visually-impactful printed mats on the market at the most competitive rates.

While we offer a range of different mats to suit all customer requirements, each is designed to brush dirt and grime from the soles of shoes and to trap a large volume of water on wet days. No matter what condition your visitors arrive in, our printed mats will ensure the floors of your building remain clean and dry.

Performance which exceeds expectations

Our range of personalised mats offers ‘something for everyone’. Here are our 3 most popular:

  • Guardian – A long-lasting and durable mat, Guardian is solution-dyed so that the colour goes into the heart of every fibre. Even under the intense Aussie sun, its colours won’t fade or dim like traditional printed mats. The Guardian is also designed to be ultra-absorbent, with tough reinforced fibres to help retain its appearance over its lifetime.
  • Coir – This the ‘traditional’ entrance mat look. Made from eco-friendly coconut husks, Coir is the perfect mat for cleaning soles inside the building.
  • Scraper Scraper is a mat for the Aussie summer. It is non-absorbent, but is also non-slip and whisks debris from the soles of your shoes. The Scraper is a printed mat which can boast a photo-realistic image and is super easy to clean.

All of our printed mats do a tough job: they harbour all the dirt and water from visitors’ shoes, while still displaying bright, vibrant colours and appearing squeaky clean. This capability comes  from using the highest-grade materials and leveraging decades of design experience.

Whether your business experiences extremely heavy footfall or just the occasional softly-stepping luxury shoe, we have you covered.

Manufactured to stand the test of time

Matting Industries uses the highest-grade materials available to provide personalised mats which will be with your company for decades. Our materials are ethically-sourced and represent the best of the best in today’s market, allowing us to create mats which always perform like they’re brand-new.

Made from nylon, our printed mats have the strength and resistance to endure relentless traffic, while staying soft and comfortable underfoot. Nylon is also cost-effective to manufacture, while the microfiber-style carpet effectively cleans and dries shoes.

We’ve spent many years optimising our products, and are confident that our logo mats offer the best combination of price, quality, and performance on the market today.